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† Me, Myself & I †

For each and every wall that’s ever stood has a story
Some are not so obvious and some are self-explanatory
I have a padded wall in my laboratory
They're lookin through the keyhole of my dormitory
Meanwhile, up in my observatory, my telescope sees the glory
And it also sees the horror and the gory they speak derogatory
These walls in this little room I sit
Speak of the shit inside my head
Things that were heard but never said, instead the walls bleed
And while they’re bleeding
I observe all the people cheating, holding undercover meetings

Now tell me what the world would be
If people's walls did not have windows
You would hardly ever catch a criminal or see the swindle
See the puzzled thoughts that they try to assemble
A private penitentiary at home is what it might resemble
See my window pane contains so much pain
The glass is busting out the frame

So let the candle kindle in the window as a symbol
I leave my window open hoping that I might get a breeze
But when the wind comes in the eyes come in
and eyes don't seem to want to leave
Because spying eyes try eyeing the prize
and eyeing on my movement
You can change your wall and windows
But its harder than home improvement
Cause looky looos are always trying
To you look inside your window
The walls will echo every time your voice crescendos
It's enough to make you tremble, leave you in limbo
Can it also be simple?

Because these are fundamentals
for the mental so don't get sentimental
Because these are not your windows
these walls are really rentals
They know everything your into
And all the business that you tend to
So keep your windows rolled up
and don't hold up the wall against the floor
And while you're window shopping
don't bother stopping at my store
I put a note in the window, but they couldn't read what is said
So I took a rock and carved it in the glass and is what it read.

Behind these peeling walls, I see the light and I’ve had it all
Wreaking balls don't bounce against the wall
to make my whole building fall
Uncovering answers seem so complex
My words are taken all out of context
Like the wall of Berlin and the wall of China
I leave my tag on your wall as a little reminder

19.1.08 01:57

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